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Fight the good fight!

For anyone interested today Jan 31st (sorry, I find the concept of “linear time” difficult to grasp) is the last day to register for your shot at giving radical intersectional feminists chronic rage-induced stress with the Hugo Award nominations process. (Don’t … Continue reading

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Misogyny has increased because of this

Teach magazines not to lie about rape? If the editors at Rolling Stone had had a shred of professionalism (hah!), they would have made sure to see corroborating evidence for the obviously faked story before publishing it. If the author had had … Continue reading

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The importance of compartmentalization

And also, the importance of professionalism. Or basically, shun social justice warriors, because they are pure poison. I’m actually working on what’s going to be mostly a link roundup on why feminists are literally the worst people in America, but … Continue reading

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The evidence is out there, and persuasive to a reasonable person (as well as the grand jury), that Brown was shot in self-defense. That in no way means he “deserved” to die – only that he made a very, very … Continue reading

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Ever listened to Pink’s song, Blow Me One Last Kiss? “I’ll dress nice, I’ll look good, I’ll go dancing alone I will laugh, I’ll get drunk, I’ll take somebody home” Obviously if “impaired consent” isn’t real consent, Pink is advocating … Continue reading

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Movie Review: In Time

In a near-future world where everyone is genetically engineered to stop aging at 25, “time” is the new currency…. and you can save your time by not watching this “sci-fi” movie. Sci-fi is when somebody thinks up something new and/or … Continue reading

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“Laws are for the little people”

Insty links to the decision of DC’s prosecutors to let a criminal get away with flagrantly violating gun law – on national TV! Because the criminal in question is a “reporter” for the mainstream media. And don’t believe any excuses … Continue reading

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