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Minnesota: Awesome!

The long silence isn’t solely due to my being in Minnesota – I just didn’t have anything to say about anything in particular, and I don’t have time to write angsty navel-gazing blog posts:┬áthere are too many books I haven’t … Continue reading

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Leave Them Alone

I’m pretty much convinced by articles discussing philanthropy that the #1 best thing anyone can do for “poor” communities is to LEAVE. THEM. ALONE. There is nothing wrong with Africa that a magical force-field separating the continent from the rest … Continue reading

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Cool Cave

Browsing Insty, I actually clicked a HuffPost link *gag* But okay, if they’re gonna post cool articles like this one on a newly-explored Vietnam cave, they’re not ALL bad. I guess. As long as you don’t watch the embedded video … Continue reading

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Terraced Pools (Photo Essay)

“Pool” is really not the right word for these magnificent natural structures! “Terraced pools” in particular had me thinking it was some kind of home improvement thing. I’d love to go swimming in some of these!

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One Question (Photo Gallery)

What happened to the rest of it?!? Also, I don’t think I’d ever want to have to mow a roof.

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