SJW Behavioral Traits

Social Justice Warriors are found on the left, as shock troops for cultural Marxism. However, while being a culturally-Marxist activist is a sufficient condition for one to be a loathsome pustule of a human being, it is not a necessary condition. One could be a loathsome pustule for other, completely unrelated reasons.

For those who would like to see just what behaviors, in my opinion, contribute to the loathsomeness of the SJW but are not dependent on cultural Marxism, here is a short list.

  • An arrogant, dictatorial attitude towards one’s equals; the presumption that a stranger has the right to dictate to other adults exactly how their lives should be lived.
  • Hypocrisy, either the “okay for me but not for thee” sort, or the optional use of standards based solely on their convenience sort.
  • Redefining words to suit the narrative.
  • Ignoring or denying facts/observations that do not suit the narrative.
  • Making shit up to suit the narrative.
  • Labeling anyone who disagrees with thought-crime epithets meant to out-group and shame that individual back into compliance with the group.
  • Subsuming the entirety of a complex individual’s being into one label.
  • Group identification replacing individual self, such that any criticism of the group is taken as a personal attack on the individual.
  • Interpreting criticism as hatred.
  • Interpreting less than total social affirmation as oppression.

All of these behaviors can be deployed by non-SJWs, since they are not strictly dependent on the content of “the narrative.”

Suffice to say that I have ZERO respect for these tactics. In fact, I find them despicable wherever they are found, either on the left or on the right.


1 Response to SJW Behavioral Traits

  1. Sanity says:

    It is exactly that of a troll’s. Just watch someone chatting as a troll. The way they chat is the way a troll should be, but completely identical to that as a SJW. So not only have they stolen the title of Liberals, but they have taken the identity of troll’s as well. I think it points towards how absurd the mentality of a SJW is as well and how out of reality they are.

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