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Feminism’s Deal with the Devil

The Other McCain has been making a point that the current hysteria over inappropriate sexual behavior is due to Hillary’s failure to win the Presidential election – all that feminist rage had to be vented, and since Trump is the … Continue reading

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Somebody needs to read SJWs Always Lie

I’m not sure why someone who worked for the CIA thought a higher education institution would ever treat him with anything approximating basic professional decency. Apparently former CIA employees are not intelligent enough to realize when they have signed up to work … Continue reading

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Feminists are literally the worst

Feminists are literally the worst people in America – especially if you judge them by standard “social justice” metrics. Let’s do the link roundup first: Insty: “[Feminists are] horrible, damaged people who want to address their own problems by making other … Continue reading

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Whenever I see something particularly interesting, even about a topic about which I have written before, I rejoice for now I have something to put on my blog that requires little effort or creativity on my part. This is because … Continue reading

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On Ferguson: Why Ferguson? Of course, black teenagers are shot to death on a daily basis in America, but because they are usually killed by other black teenagers, there is nothing in the death of a young hoodlum of interest … Continue reading

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Larry Correia has posted a link to an eminently worthwhile diversion on Facebook – Possibly the Most I’ve Ever Insulted an Idiot on Facebook. There are several things that the mono-maniac troll did in that “discussion” that people called him … Continue reading

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Best election commentary

Stilicho, replying to something upthread: And Karl D wrote in Cthulhu, so perhaps change will come. Yes, but he spelled it wrong…which will only lead to post-election litigation in which the Democrat candidate will claim that he is actually Cthulhu … Continue reading

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