Just say no to Ls

This interview encapsulates so, so many reasons why I will never vote Libertarian.

He has no self awareness whatsoever. He talks about all the people who vote R/D in the hopes that the elected politician will be their savior but his entire platform is “Vote for me and I’ll save you”!

Pro tip: the President of the United States does not have the power to disband the federal government. In order to do that, the Libertarians would need to wield enough political power to call a Constitutional Convention and then implement the changes they want, while blocking any other political coalition’s attempt to subvert the Convention.

A “localist” running for President like this guy is nothing more than a hypocrite dreaming of being a dictator. But hey, he doesn’t pay taxes and gets to go on exciting international speaking tours, so bully for him, I guess.


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One Response to Just say no to Ls

  1. Foxfier says:

    There are a lot of varieties (as anyone who comments on even a possible flaw is informed in .05 seconds) but the most common running-for-office-form always seems to turn out to be standard issue liberal with one or two flip-off-the-Dems points.

    I like the political theory, in theory, but when it’s applied the thing that is most central– that you can’t initiate force, and that you can’t do stuff that impinges on other folks — get ditched for abortion and drugs, and then when they get into details it’s almost always “you’re free to WANT exactly what I think you should.” Especially when they’re attacking a compromise that was freely reached ages ago, but they don’t like– then it will boil down to not being able to make agreements that don’t fit their specific theory.

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