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There is no way this could possibly go wrong

“autonomous stabby poison-injecting robot submarines” How do they know the poison is harmless to other reef life? I don’t think they can possibly know that for sure. What if periodic overgrazing by starfish is critically important for the lifecycles of … Continue reading

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Nature and nurture

I’m of the opinion that human behavior is influenced a lot more by heredity than society is really willing to admit. (Especially not American society, but in some senses America is the country for people who are weird by the … Continue reading

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Unintelligent Life-forms

A while ago Tom blogged about how process-oriented people and goal-oriented people differ, and how aggravating it is to intelligent life-forms when process-oriented people (of whom the famous “GIGO” phrase is an accurate description, since the part of the brain … Continue reading

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Life’s Not Fair

Here the weather has turned gorgeous – and yet, those of us with seasonal allergies must take care to remain indoors in a climate-controlled environment. I have particular trouble with “late spring” – not sure exactly which of the many … Continue reading

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The Sky

There is a sublime beauty to the sight of thunderheads on the horizon on a summer afternoon.

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