Life’s Not Fair

Here the weather has turned gorgeous – and yet, those of us with seasonal allergies must take care to remain indoors in a climate-controlled environment. I have particular trouble with “late spring” – not sure exactly which of the many plant pollens is triggering dreadful allergy attacks, but it’s probably a whole bunch of them at once.

Showering doesn’t help. Not even double-dosing antihistamines after showering prevented the dreaded Four AM Acute Allergy Attack. (It took about three hours of steadily increasing recourse to a variety of medications to finally stop it so I could get some sleep. Fortunately by the time I had to work, most of the effects had worn off, leaving me tired but not actually woozy.)

Seeing the azaleas in bloom in the park: worth it. Mowing the back yard clover-and-other-assorted-weeds patch… not so much. I think I’ll take a break from yardwork for a week or two! (My resolution this year is to take care of the mowing in the back yard myself, ’cause DH doesn’t care if the back yard goes wild, but I’d prefer not to be “those neighbors who don’t care about their back yard” even if we don’t have Lawn Manicuring Mania. And I can use the Environmentally Friendly Human-Powered Mowing Device as long as the weeds don’t get too high. We bought it cause our yard is small, and non-motorized reel mowers are both cheaper and easier to store than electric mowers. Watching the back yard’s progression from a giant mostly-barren mud hole to a variety of perennial and annual wild ground covers has been quite fascinating – our only interventions have been keeping the plants more-or-less trimmed low to the ground, and my tendency to pull up taprooted weeds like dandilions and a few others I’ve not bothered to identify, that will grow tall, un-mowable spikes if I let them.)

Those who idolize all things “natural” make me laugh. “Mother Nature” is totally indifferent to your survival, and occassionally tries to off you in unpleasant ways – what do they think “natural selection” means, the organic section of the supermarket?? Pass me the unnatural chemical cocktails that keep my sinuses clear, please.


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