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Fainting Victorian Damsels

Mr. Wright’s comments on several delicate personalities working themselves up into a froth of hysteria over non-existent threats is worth reading. (Click through the links to the Vox Day post as well, for more amusement!) Nags and termagants indeed. It’s … Continue reading

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Whenever I see something particularly interesting, even about a topic about which I have written before, I rejoice for now I have something to put on my blog that requires little effort or creativity on my part. This is because … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Golden Age

Technically, this is going to be a review of the whole Golden Age trilogy by John C. Wright: The Golden Age, The Phoenix Exultant, and The Golden Transcendence. Like many trilogies, this is a single story broken up into three … Continue reading

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John Wright tackles tough question about Santa Claus

In a post titled Political Correctness is a Mental Disease (oh how true), Mr. Wright deigns to apply his characteristic wit and genius in choosing appropriate images to elucidate the recent matter of a white person daring to question a … Continue reading

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