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Life as a race

Life is often compared to a race. (Sometimes to say that it’s not a race.) And some memes have it that life is a marathon and not a sprint. Sorry, but that’s incorrect. Life is not a sprint, true. It’s also not … Continue reading

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I’m darkly amused by some of the dismay over the Supreme Court’s decision to expand marriage licensing to homosexual couples. I mean, as Brad Torgerson said, heterosexual couples have been treating marriage like garbage since before I was born. So what … Continue reading

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Fisking: What We Get Wrong about Women Submitting to Their Husbands

Oh boy. Look what showed up in my Facebook feed – shared by my BIL, liked by his feminist sister, and one of my premarital counselors(!). What We Get Wrong about Women Submitting to Their Husbands First red flag: it’s posted at … Continue reading

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Preference cascade and the Hugos

Forgive the lack of links in this post – there’s been so much verbiage that I’d have to use a power mower to find the blog posts in question and I really don’t have time to hunt them down in the … Continue reading

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Shades of Gnosticism

Stacy McCain’s post “Is Sexual Desire Dehumanizing?” is a good illustration of how feminists are rehashing things dead white men argued about thousands of years ago. Sexual objectification? The way feminists use the term, it’s a joke. After all, they’re usually … Continue reading

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Sexual attraction, modesty, and clothing

I’m gonna get pedantic here and provide an “essay prompt” so to speak. But this is the internet, not the essay portion of the SAT, so consider this however you like, as a playground at your disposal, food for thought, or … Continue reading

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About those yoga pants

In case anyone needs some evidence to show a stubborn young woman why she should not be parading her butt around nearly-naked in public: In Defense of Freedom or: Yoga Pants 4 Life Note that the women in these photos … Continue reading

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