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Just say no to Ls

This interview encapsulates so, so many reasons why I will never vote Libertarian. He has no self awareness whatsoever. He talks about all the people who vote R/D in the hopes that the elected politician will be their savior but … Continue reading

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Feminism’s Deal with the Devil

The Other McCain has been making a point that the current hysteria over inappropriate sexual behavior is due to Hillary’s failure to win the Presidential election – all that feminist rage had to be vented, and since Trump is the … Continue reading

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Surrogacy – is it moral?

The first question I’d like to get out of the way is this: do people have a right to reproduce? A few moments’ thought is sufficient to come to the conclusion that no, there is no natural right to reproduce, … Continue reading

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Devoured by books

I’ve found my next gifts to my younger brothers – once the series is published in hardcopy, that is! I received the first novel as a gift for Christmas, and upon finishing, immediately bought the second. Then when I had … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Tulsa

So I heard about the Tulsa shooting through social media, and I’m afraid that at this point every time I see a black person sharing a news story headlining some innocent black person getting shot, my reaction is “Let’s wait … Continue reading

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Sporadic posting schedule will continue

Currently my life is divided between baby’s naptime and Boob O’Clock. This routine cycles roughly every two hours, and since my natural sleep cycle is three hours long, has rather predictably resulted in my Not Caring about much outside the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Orlando

The leftist narrative is that of course this latest terror attack is due to insufficient gun control – facts, reason, and American rights be damned. A few thoughts, based on the information that’s been promulgated so far. “Where there’s a … Continue reading

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