Thoughts on Tulsa

So I heard about the Tulsa shooting through social media, and I’m afraid that at this point every time I see a black person sharing a news story headlining some innocent black person getting shot, my reaction is “Let’s wait and see how many lies the media is telling you about that ‘innocent’ black person. If this was a real innocent they wouldn’t be telling you about it.”

Because the media are Satan’s whores, and their agenda is to get cops and blacks to kill each other by maliciously spewing deliberate falsehoods. That’s the only conclusion I can reasonably reach, given their behavior over the last few years.

Not that I disagree with those who say that police behave badly toward black people. I’m perfectly willing to accept testimony from blacks that holds that institutions in Democrat-controlled areas are cesspits of racism, corruption, and rampant abuse of power. And I’m perfectly willing to believe black people suffer a lot of power-tripping abuse from cops. Getting upset over abuse of power is entirely reasonable.

On the other hand, cops have a tough job, caught between the idealism of “serve and protect,” facing the dregs of criminal evil every day, and being conscripted to be the jackbooted tax collectors of the administrative state, local edition.

And on each side you’ve got the bad apples – the blacks who are bigoted against cops, and the cops who are actually racist (or just total thugs to everybody).

You know, both the cop community and the black community have the same problem here. Failure to police their own.

Sure, sure, Not All X Are Like That. Trouble is, while there are probably some fairly non-corrupt police departments and there are plenty of noncriminal blacks, the people speaking out and trying to hold their own accountable don’t have enough power or influence to stamp out the widespread and rampant malfeasance. So the entire community suffers. Particularly black communities that face double victimization – from their own criminals and from their corrupt local government. (The solution to your problems is NEVER “vote Democrat.” It observably doesn’t work.)

There’s a lot of things police need to do to clean up their act, and more sensitivity training courses about diversity are not going to help. Not with the media and various other leftwing organizations attempting to start a low-grade civil war between black people and cops. But I don’t see a solution while both sides are closing ranks around their own bad actors and insisting the blame lies entirely with the Other.



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One Response to Thoughts on Tulsa

  1. Foxfier says:

    If this was a real innocent they wouldn’t be telling you about it.


    Every time some of my conservative(ish) friends get wound up because of an outrage they heard about on TV, I try to remind them about this– and so far, I have yet to be proven wrong. I’m either shown to be right, when the facts come out, or no further information every does freaking come out.

    Not that “wait and see, they really like to manipulate stuff and their whole goal is to spin people up” is a bet that it’s EASY to lose. 😦

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