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Tolerance, stereotypes, and hypocrisy

In my Facebook feed, I have seen precisely zero people saying that the US should leave refugees to die. I have seen quite a few people claiming that anyone who disagrees with them about refugees is a heartless bastard who … Continue reading

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More moral than God?

Seen on the internet (paraphrased): “I don’t like the story of Moses because I don’t think that a moral God would kill all those innocent children.” Well, just right off the bat, that is laughable to anyone who believes in … Continue reading

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Evil defending evil

So, of course the people who make their living by sacrificing babies to Moloch do not actually roast the tiny corpses alive: oh no, in today’s society their organs are harvested for illegal sale. Planned Parenthood kills babies and sells … Continue reading

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Social signaling and purity rings

Here I go. I shall attempt… coherence. *cue “aaaaaaaahhhhhh” Hollywood sound effect* On my Facebook feed, my parents’ pastor posted a link to a guy poking a live wire issue in the evangelical Christian community: courtship. It’s entitled, “Why Courtship is Fundamentally … Continue reading

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Some people apparently missed it

A wife of noble character who can find?     She is worth far more than rubies.  Her husband has full confidence in her     and lacks nothing of value.  She brings him good, not harm,     all the days of her life.  She … Continue reading

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Moral hypocrisy

In the last couple posts, I think I have made fairly clear that I have personal issues with adults who impose legalistic morality on others, particularly young people, without counting the damage this causes. As in, this is literally a life-and-death … Continue reading

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Subjectivity makes things difficult

I think Cane Caldo is doing a good work on bringing out the difficulty modern American Christianity has with the concept of modesty. When dealing with clothing, there’s a continuum between something that basically everyone can point to and say, … Continue reading

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