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Misogyny has increased because of this

Teach magazines not to lie about rape? If the editors at Rolling Stone had had a shred of professionalism (hah!), they would have made sure to see corroborating evidence for the obviously faked story before publishing it. If the author had had … Continue reading

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Instapundit has several times mentioned how self-censorship in regards to Islam sets up an incentive structure for any group that wants to avoid criticism: simply have enough of your adherents willing to murder people for insults, and hey-presto, people will … Continue reading

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Leave Them Alone

I’m pretty much convinced by articles discussing philanthropy that the #1 best thing anyone can do for “poor” communities is to LEAVE. THEM. ALONE. There is nothing wrong with Africa that a magical force-field separating the continent from the rest … Continue reading

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Walter Russel Mead has an article about the political goings-on in India (an area of interest to me mainly because I have family over there) and while I found his article fascinating, one assertion of his puzzles me. India must … Continue reading

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Slavery is not a thing of the past

In fact, there are currently millions of enslaved people around the globe. I found this article interesting, although it didn’t include anything I didn’t already know about – for instance, China’s one-child policy, coupled with the selective abortions and abandonment … Continue reading

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The Iron Dome

Insty links to an article about Israel’s defensive posture re: Hamas missile strikes. “And those [military tech] clients told them no one except Israel has any use for these things [defensive anti-missile systems like the Iron Dome]. Because in any … Continue reading

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Theories of War

As a followup to yesterday’s post, I here offer a more wide-ranging analysis of international reactions to the current situation in Israel: America, Israel, Gaza, the World As one may have inferred from yesterday’s post, I have a very Jacksonian view … Continue reading

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