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Tolerance, stereotypes, and hypocrisy

In my Facebook feed, I have seen precisely zero people saying that the US should leave refugees to die. I have seen quite a few people claiming that anyone who disagrees with them about refugees is a heartless bastard who … Continue reading

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Has anyone else ever noticed that when young, ignorant, privileged white UMC girls start going on about the “terrible exploitation” faced by people who are actively trying to better their economic circumstances, the desired result always seems to be cutting … Continue reading

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When the dean of journalism at University of North Texas is caught maliciously lying, is it any wonder that all educated, intelligent people regard journalists as untrustworthy until proven otherwise? Dorothy Bland is a liar. A liar is in charge of a … Continue reading

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On appropriate tactics

Anyone who argues in favor of restricting free speech should themselves be silenced. Civilization cannot stand if those who defend it refuse to make a distinction between civilized opponents who abide by mutually agreed-upon rules, and barbarians who don’t.

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On fighting fire with fire

Whenever some moderate moron says something like, “We can’t descend to their level!” or “We have to be better than them!”, the appropriate response is as follows: “I’m not trying to be better than them, I’m trying to get them … Continue reading

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Do you even reading comprehension, bro?

Oooookay. Y’know, blog wars can be interesting for spectators, so I hope the traffic stats are indicators of people receiving benefit from this. Because my husband has forbade me from deliberately trolling, and I do what he tells me, so … Continue reading

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Minimum wage

Click over to Cedar Sanderson’s blog, at a guest post called Blue Collar American. The part I want to pull out for further emphasis is this one: Nor, do I suspect, would consumers stand for it. Exactly. In a world where social … Continue reading

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