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Old news: women are sexist

“It’s Not Your Imagination, Single Women: There Literally Aren’t Enough Men Out There” via Instapundit. Whoa. Literally aren’t enough men? Was there some kind of apocalypse twenty years ago that killed a lot of little boys? Were males systematically discriminated … Continue reading

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I’ve been microaggressed!

“People-first language” is such bullshit. In ENGLISH we put ADJECTIVES before NOUNS. This is how our language works. GRAMMAR. LEARN IT. USE IT PROPERLY. Example of hideous writing taken straight from the Wiki article on this illiterate idiocy: “people who … Continue reading

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Mental Math

Confluence of reading the comments on Sarah Hoyt’s latest blog post, and a couple of observations. Kids who do math in their heads hate showing their work. And especially since the “gifted” math students can do all the basic arithmetic in their … Continue reading

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Passing the Buck

Earlier this week I was pondering the inevitable totalitarian turn of the social welfare state – wherein Big Gulps get banned, no smoking in public, etc. – and the way that welfare programs turn into pathological dependency-propagating social viruses. Once … Continue reading

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Computerized education

As a homeschooler, I learned – on penalty of the Three Hour Lecture that was the inevitable result of asking Dad for help – to use every resource at my disposal to clear up anything I didn’t understand in my … Continue reading

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Misogyny has increased because of this

Teach magazines not to lie about rape? If the editors at Rolling Stone had had a shred of professionalism (hah!), they would have made sure to see corroborating evidence for the obviously faked story before publishing it. If the author had had … Continue reading

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Good little girls?

I confess to sharing Sarah Hoyt’s disdain for the attitude that girls need extra encouragement in any field whatsoever. You know what girls need, if you want them to succeed in male-dominated environments? Not screeds penned by crazy feminists who … Continue reading

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