What a shame

Stupid Party presidential candidate Carly Fiorina drops out of race, leaves message proving qualification beyond shadow of a doubt: “Feminism doesn’t shut down conversations or threaten women. It is not about ideology. It is not a weapon to wield against your political opponent.” Cuckservative on Instapundit repeats stupidest part of message, instead of the earlier factually accurate part.

I’m sorry, but just because you fell for the “equal rights” whopper doesn’t mean real feminism conforms to its propaganda – or that you should go around insisting that “feminism” is the complete opposite of what it observably actually is: a totalitarian political ideology that does its best to shut down dissenting voices by any means necessary, including harassment and threats.

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Christian Contempt

I found the latest post by Dalrock (read the whole thing!) to be inspiring enough to break my pregnancy-induced silence to give some advice to Christian wives.

Be incredibly wary of so-called “Christian leaders” who criticize married men. No matter how “traditional” or “fundamentalist” they seem otherwise.

A man who is truly righteous will not speak against husbands in public, but rather he will encourage wives to submit to their own husbands as the Bible teaches. NOT to himself.

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Snowflake Muslims

Often someone gets upset by anti-Muslim sentiment, they will trot out the “I know good Muslims who serve in the armed forces!” – which is nothing more than special snowflaking, Muslim edition. Yeah, well, despite the appeal to American patriotism, Muslims who serve in the armed forces don’t impress me much. Remember Fort Hood? One of the San Bernardino terrorists’ relatives served in the armed forces, but the family was just as willing to serve global jihad. I don’t care how many Muslims are decent people, their virtue doesn’t un-murder terror victims or un-rape the thousands of women and children abused by Muslims in the West. Let them go and be decent folks in their Muslim homelands where it will actually do some good.

Meanwhile a devout Muslim with a rap sheet and prior criminal use of a gun uses a stolen 9mil to shoot a police officer, declaring loyalty to the Islamic State… and the Philly mayor claims that it has nothing to do with Islam, and btw, there are too many guns on the streets.

The stolen handgun? Was stolen from the police.

This is why we need to stop letting Muslims colonize the West, and start shipping the devout ones off to Syria (where a bunch of them want to be anyway). Better off intolerant than raped, shot, and/or dead. You can’t have a Muslim terror problem in your neighborhood if there’s no Muslims living next door to cause it. Maybe if people were willing to actually punish Islamic criminality and sedition instead of looking the other way because raciss, we could have some of that much-idealized diversity – but most people and most especially the government are more terrified of hurting Muslims’ feelings than of failing to protect their neighbors from Islamic predators. Probably because Muslims with hurt feelings have a well-known tendency to kill people, and their victims don’t.

h/t Brietbart, which unlike philly.com doesn’t make excuses for the attempted murderer.

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Rush Limbaugh discovers his beloved Republican Party is full of cuckservatives, is appalled.

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Oh, look, Laurie Penny is getting slammed again. I always love it when YouTube commentators shred her ideas in their videos. Seeing stupid feminist blather get eviscerated is so cathartic.

My comment: the values that Laurie Penny hates – “marriage, monogamy, responsibility, deferred gratification, personal territory, etc.” – well, what’s another name for that list?

“How privilege is made.”

Note that being born white or male does not appear anywhere in the recipe.


Speaking of feminist idiocy, RSM has made some pointed observations about the Wisconsin state university system. All I gotta say there is, I need feminism because it’s really convenient when the damaged psycho bitches publicly self-identify like that. Makes it much easier to avoid them, kind of like Tumblrinas dying their hair neon colors. “Warning: I’m poisonous! Stay away from me!”

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Outlaw Sharia NOW

From Roger Simon at National Review


Most of all, we must outlaw Sharia. Sharia law, with its institutionalized doctrinal misogyny and homophobia as well as its primacy of mosque over state (not to mention cruel and unusual punishments for adultery, etc.), is completely inconsistent with our Constitution and the values of our country and Western civilization. Further, adherence to Sharia encourages the lack of assimilation, the self-ghettoization, endemic to much of our Muslim population. This resistance to assimilation creates insular communities that form the equivalent of petri dishes for jihadist terror. This must be ended if Muslims are to stay here as participating members of our society.

When immigrants arrive, they must be made aware of all this explicitly and at length and pledge in writing not to observe Sharia, if they wish to remain in America. This should be accompanied by a warning that those who continue to follow Sharia will be summarily expelled from the U.S. Yes, a number will lie, but once a few have been sent home, the message will get across.

Further, any mosques that preach the primacy of Sharia should be closed down as in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

As a precedent, the Communist Party was made illegal in the United States because it advocated the violent overthrow of the U.S. government. Sharia-based Islam is at least as bad and arguably worse in its calls for world domination through jihad.

Those Muslims who follow the laws of our country should be free to stay here and welcomed into our communities, not into Islamic ghettoes like Hamtramck. Unfortunately, only a small number of Muslims so far have shown themselves to be true “moderates” able to stand up overtly to the jihadists. Perhaps some stringent legislation could encourage more to come out. At the very least, if we are truly strict with our vetting process, we can all feel more comfortable with those that are here — and they with us.


Exactly. Especially that pledge in writing on pain of deportation, and closure of any mosque in violation. I’m sure the idiot brigade will scream about “freedom of religion,” but as Vox Day points out, we don’t actually have freedom of religion in America

Get back to me on “freedom of religion” and “respect” when Christian bakers aren’t being run out of business for refusing to violate their religious beliefs, Christian students are allowed to publicly pray in their schools, and every public monument featuring Christian symbolism ripped down by the ACLU is replaced, with an apology for the intolerance and bigotry inherent in removing them in the first place.

In the meantime, I see no need to offer the murderous followers of a dead desert warlord any more religious respect or freedom than liberals offer MY religion. If they want to live under sharia, there are plenty of Muslim-ruled countries they can go live in. They have no right to come here and colonize our nation with their laws.

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So apparently some Cloudcuckoolander from Vox got within visual range of reality and went back to the magical cloudland to tell the other leftists why conservatives won’t give up their guns after mass shootings. Unfortunately the leftist had no mental reference for conservative thought patterns so he was mostly dead wrong about it, but it got some conservatives excited that maybe one of the Cloudcuckoolanders might be able to see and comprehend some small slice of reality. (They can’t.)

As a militant pro-Western-Civ Anglo-American traditionalist, I fall on the right wing, and it’s well known that people on the right understand people on the left far more than vice-versa. (Leftists only believe themselves to be the empathetic ones because they imagine that everyone on the planet thinks exactly as they do. All evidence to the contrary resolutely ignored.) Since this is the case, I will venture a metaphor to explain to the Cloudcuckoolanders why conservatives will never give up their guns in terms that liberals will be able to understand.

Dear Liberal, imagine you are meeting someone in person for the first time to hook up, and you both expressed an interest in bondage while you were chatting online. Now, if you tell this guy your safeword, and the first thing he says to that is, “Oh no, you don’t need a safeword with me, baby! Just trust me!” as he grabs you, would you let him cuff you to the bed, or would you spray the creepy rapist in the face with pepper spray, taser him for good measure, and run away to the police to file sexual assault charges and get a restraining order?

Guns are the safewords of politics. Liberals say things like, “If there are ever to be gun laws passed in the US, any kind of policy response to the rising tide of mass shootings, it will be because the people who want it amass the political power to overwhelm the power of the gun lobby.” You know what that sounds like to real Americans? “Just trust me with these cuffs, baby. You don’t need a safeword.”

Note the two lies in the quoted passage about liberals using the force of government to impose their will on others – the implication that America doesn’t already have gun laws, and the “rising tide” line – actual stats show that gun violence has been in decline for many years, while the number of privately owned guns has steadily increased. These are the people saying trust us.

And that’s why liberals will never, ever get real Americans to give up their guns. They’re a bunch of liars with no respect for the civil rights of anyone who disagrees with them.

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