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Thoughts on Orlando

The leftist narrative is that of course this latest terror attack is due to insufficient gun control – facts, reason, and American rights be damned. A few thoughts, based on the information that’s been promulgated so far. “Where there’s a … Continue reading

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What a shame

Stupid Party presidential candidate Carly Fiorina drops out of race, leaves message proving qualification beyond shadow of a doubt: “Feminism doesn’t shut down conversations or threaten women. It is not about ideology. It is not a weapon to wield against … Continue reading

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Snowflake Muslims

Often someone gets upset by anti-Muslim sentiment, they will trot out the “I know good Muslims who serve in the armed forces!” – which is nothing more than special snowflaking, Muslim edition. Yeah, well, despite the appeal to American patriotism, … Continue reading

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The convenience of adopting refugees at home

This post is not going to include a lot of links, unlike the math-heavy one earlier which illustrated the sheer scale of the humanitarian crisis in Syria versus the refugee resettlement proposed by President Obama. (A drop in the ocean.) … Continue reading

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The scale of refugee resettlement

So today I got in a discussion with one of those well-meaning bleeding heart liberals, who thinks in nothing but stereotypes and believes clickbait mainstream media articles count as being well-informed about current events. I don’t know why I bother, … Continue reading

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Refusing to screen refugees for terrorists hiding among them is like giving a woman a restraining order against a stalker and then telling her, “By the way, the police aren’t actually going to enforce the restraining order. He can still … Continue reading

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Terror in Paris

To no one’s surprise, Islamic terrorists have orchestrated a mass attack in Europe. Initial reports are likely to be less than completely accurate, so it will be unknown for some time whether this tragedy was home-grown or facilitated by the … Continue reading

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