Snowflake Muslims

Often someone gets upset by anti-Muslim sentiment, they will trot out the “I know good Muslims who serve in the armed forces!” – which is nothing more than special snowflaking, Muslim edition. Yeah, well, despite the appeal to American patriotism, Muslims who serve in the armed forces don’t impress me much. Remember Fort Hood? One of the San Bernardino terrorists’ relatives served in the armed forces, but the family was just as willing to serve global jihad. I don’t care how many Muslims are decent people, their virtue doesn’t un-murder terror victims or un-rape the thousands of women and children abused by Muslims in the West. Let them go and be decent folks in their Muslim homelands where it will actually do some good.

Meanwhile a devout Muslim with a rap sheet and prior criminal use of a gun uses a stolen 9mil to shoot a police officer, declaring loyalty to the Islamic State… and the Philly mayor claims that it has nothing to do with Islam, and btw, there are too many guns on the streets.

The stolen handgun? Was stolen from the police.

This is why we need to stop letting Muslims colonize the West, and start shipping the devout ones off to Syria (where a bunch of them want to be anyway). Better off intolerant than raped, shot, and/or dead. You can’t have a Muslim terror problem in your neighborhood if there’s no Muslims living next door to cause it. Maybe if people were willing to actually punish Islamic criminality and sedition instead of looking the other way because raciss, we could have some of that much-idealized diversity – but most people and most especially the government are more terrified of hurting Muslims’ feelings than of failing to protect their neighbors from Islamic predators. Probably because Muslims with hurt feelings have a well-known tendency to kill people, and their victims don’t.

h/t Brietbart, which unlike doesn’t make excuses for the attempted murderer.


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