Stupid analogies for abortion

What is it with all the ridiculous idiotic analogies for abortion? The violinist thing is moronic, but just recently I saw someone compare pregnancy to finding someone squatting in your shed during a winter snowstorm. WTF, people?

Abortion is like INVITING people to come into your shed for winter shelter – like putting up a sign next to a hiking route saying “Shelter available for public use” and then, when someone takes you up on that, shooting them dead. It’s not a matter of “property rights” being violated when you invite someone into your house! If you invite people onto your property and then kill them, that makes you a murderer.

Now how about this analogy: you like throwing parties at your house, and you do it all the time, but you know that there are termites in your deck supports. You’ve held lots of parties before and nothing bad has ever happened, but you know something bad could happen. One day you decide to throw a huge bash, and guess what? The deck collapses and one of your guests is badly injured. So badly injured, in fact, that you’re going to be on the hook for nine months of hospital bills and massive fines for safety violations. Do you get to evade responsibility for that “accident” by beating your injured guest’s head in with a piece of wood before the ambulance arrives?

Now another one: you’re driving along the highway minding your own business when a semi driven by a drunk guy high on crack comes along, crashes into you, and causes your car to spin out of control and impact another vehicle. One carrying a little girl. You’re injured by the collision, but not nearly as badly as the child – she’s going to be on life support for several months. Her parents were killed, and there’s nobody around to take responsibility for her until her third cousin twice removed can be found in a remote location on the other side of the world – but once this person’s found and the girl can live without life support (this won’t even take nine months, even though it would be best to have all that time) you’ll be able to hand over all responsibility to the cousin. You didn’t ask to get hit by a semi, but it’s not the child’s fault either, and she will die if you don’t sign up to be her next of kin until her long-lost relatives can take over from you. If you sign up for the brief responsibility, you’ll even be reimbursed for your expenses – but if you don’t, the child will be put to death without anesthetic and her organs sold for human experimentation.

HMMM. I wonder what kind of person would choose brutal death, dismemberment, and illegal organ sale for an innocent child, even one whose dependency was the result of criminal behavior by someone else? If you get raped and murder your child, you’re worse than the rapist. Understand? MURDER. IS. WORSE. THAN. RAPE. “Fate worse than death” is Victorian fainting-couch women-are-weak bullshit. The appropriate response is to shoot the rapist, not dismember the child!

Heck, I’m not even going to go so far as to advocate sexual equality in reproductive rights, because that would mean making all biological mothers subject to 18 years of financial responsibility for their children, punishable by jail time if they fail to meet income standards set by judges who don’t care if they can’t get well-paying jobs! All I’m saying is that if you can’t spend less than a year of your time doing nothing more onerous than eating healthily and taking good care of yourself in order to save an innocent human life from being brutally killed, you’re a heartless monster who will go to Hell if you don’t repent.*

Another thing that’s been made abundantly clear by the recent Planned Parenthood videos: banning sale of human organs and prosecuting violators of the ban is absolutely necessary to prevent medical personnel from being corrupted into unethical behavior regarding the harvesting of such organs. Someone who pressured a girl into having sex the way PP pressures girls into having abortions and “donating” the “tissue” towards PP’s bottom line would be called a rapist!

*And if you repent, Christ’s sacrifice is sufficient. You really can be forgiven of your sin, no matter how bad it is. Otherwise none of us would make it, and we’d all countenance all kind of evil.


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