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Cultural differences

One of my favorite places from our recent trip to Italy was Vernazza. Among the interesting features of this beautiful place is the presence of personal clotheslines mounted below what certainly seemed like every single window in town! I did … Continue reading

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Git ‘er done

I always admired the SuperWomen – those women who seemed to be constantly in motion, Accomplishing Things! all day long. When your health isn’t the greatest, that’s not something you can always do. I learned – after moving house – … Continue reading

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Sister Teamwork

Some modern women have a problem: their mothers didn’t teach them Homemaking. Many are the varied testimonies – girls whose mothers did everything for them, urging them to concentrate on school and career, helicopter parents who do everything for their … Continue reading

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Things are fairly busy right now – today I did a first coat of paint on my kitchen, a long-procrastinated project that turned out to be much less trouble than I had feared. Nor did I let waking up with a … Continue reading

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Girl post – on the practicality of bonnets

The other day I was doing a bit of wall-painting, and had left my hair in a braided ponytail rather than bunning it. No disaster occurred, but the swinging brush-end definitely got a little closer to the wet paint than … Continue reading

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Girl Post – Guilt and Chores

Hey y’all. You know that sort of cloud of guilt that follows you around waiting for you to think about chores, the one that reminds you of all those little things that you haven’t done yet but should have? That one … Continue reading

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I’m being oppressed by the laundry. No, really, stop laughing! In the far distant past, long before any archaeological evidence anybody can ever possibly find, humanity lived in perfect matriarchal harmony with nature, and everyone went around naked all the … Continue reading

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