Git ‘er done

I always admired the SuperWomen – those women who seemed to be constantly in motion, Accomplishing Things! all day long.

When your health isn’t the greatest, that’s not something you can always do. I learned – after moving house – that my primary responsibility is to make sure I reserved enough energy for Sexy Times™ at the end of the day, because moving boxes around, unpacking, and yard work are not the primary job of a wife. Sex and food are primary duties, so I have to make sure to bump those things to the top of the priority trees, no matter what the Voice of Misplaced Priorities is going on about. (Caveat: emergencies are different – they bump themselves to the top of the priority list, or they wouldn’t be emergencies!)

So now that I seem to have finally gotten a handle on my health, through probiotics, vitamin supplements, and drinking more water (I’m still working on that one) I find myself with an absolutely stunning amount of energy. I can only praise God for His blessing, and hope to steward this new-found strength wisely!

Mostly it’s going to long-delayed home improvement projects – I finally joined Pinterest, and perhaps I’m “doing Pinterest wrong” but I find it much less addictive than TVTropes. (I’m trying to only pin things I plan to actually do. And none of those million delicious-looking desserts, either – I have a lot of weight to lose that I’m hopefully not going to be shedding through gut-sickness this time!) I have painting and cabinet-door-making to do, and a kitchen reorganization in progress as I’ve added storage options. I’m hoping to find something good for pantry organization, because the deep shelves are a jumbled mess!

Meanwhile, the first sprouts of lettuce and peas are coming up in the garden, nasturtiums are sprouting inside, and additional seed packets are waiting to be sown next month. The local chickadee pair successfully guilt-tripped me into refilling the bird feeder by coming by while it was empty, and I’ve put up a birdhouse on our fence though it’s probably a bit too late to convince them to use it this year! I’ve sown a shade flower mix in the shady garden bed, and transplanted my Virginia bluebells (just peeking up) and bleeding heart into it. The chives aren’t dead after all – they’re coming back up – though the rosemary plant seems to have died. I’m pretty good at killing rosemary; someday I’ll find a good spot for it! My Siberian squill is just beginning to bloom and the daffodils are maybe halfway to blooming in the front yard – while the rabbits nibble down the cheap tulips I planted a few years ago. They never rebloom, a situation I chalk up to Wal-Mart quality and being regularly eaten by the local wildlife. This fall I’m going to see if I can’t get some snowbell and crocus bulbs – and more daffodils – for the front bed.


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