Girl Post – Guilt and Chores

Hey y’all. You know that sort of cloud of guilt that follows you around waiting for you to think about chores, the one that reminds you of all those little things that you haven’t done yet but should have?

That one that reminds you that there’s a layer of grody towel fuzz lying on your bathroom baseboards – while there’s a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink, all over the countertops, and piled on the stove, bringing all kitchen work to a grinding halt after that epic feast you cooked last night?

That cloud. I dub it The Voice of Misplaced Priorities. All those little nagging flaws that you know about but haven’t gotten to because there was something else to do, that accumulate into a vast cloud of “I need to remember to…” It doesn’t matter what the “something else” was that you did instead; The Voice of Misplaced Priorities doesn’t care. All it cares about is reminding you that you’re GUILTY.

Don’t trust that voice. Guilt is like pain: it exists to show you that something’s wrong. But sometimes it attaches itself to the weirdest things. Make sure you stop and figure out why you’re really feeling guilty, so you have a shot at fixing it. Are you feeling guilty because you feel like you should have cleaned those baseboards last week? It’s not the household chores that are oppressing you – your conscience probably thinks you need to develop better time management skills.

Or maybe you just need to give your priorities an overhaul. Guilt occurs when you break a standard. Examine the standard and its priority level in relation to all your other values.

Then, don’t complain, complain, complain – either get ‘er done, or ditch the Voice of Misplaced Priorities. What’s important? What’s time-sensitive? Focus on the big picture, and don’t let a little bit of dust in inaccessible places get you down. A little bit of dirt in a dark corner never hurt anybody, even if you know it’s there. 🙂


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