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This week one of the “big chores” on my to-do list was “clean fish tank filters.” I run XP3s on the 75 and the 55 – canister filters with baskets you can fill with whatever media you want. I’ve got … Continue reading

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In the Garden

When we bought this house (a foreclosure) the very first thing we did after closing was to start improving the landscaping, which had been terminally neglected for many years. Last year’s big projects were re-grading and reseeding the front lawn … Continue reading

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A fishy weekend!

Or rather, an aquatic weekend, as I attended a planted tank convention – the fish were definitely second fiddle and there were at least as many tiny, brightly colored shrimp available! This wasn’t my first con, but it was my … Continue reading

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Git ‘er done

I always admired the SuperWomen – those women who seemed to be constantly in motion, Accomplishing Things! all day long. When your health isn’t the greatest, that’s not something you can always do. I learned – after moving house – … Continue reading

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Last minute Hugo notes before the nominations close!

Fire with Fire and its nominated sequel, Trial by Fire, were both very good! The Dark Between The Stars is the kind of epic doorstopper that features Loads and Loads of Characters. That narrative style is not my favorite, but unlike a certain other … Continue reading

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Girl post – on the practicality of bonnets

The other day I was doing a bit of wall-painting, and had left my hair in a braided ponytail rather than bunning it. No disaster occurred, but the swinging brush-end definitely got a little closer to the wet paint than … Continue reading

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Playing farmer

As recommended by You Can Farm, I went out today and lent a hand to an older farmer. Well, she’s my aunt and a hobby farmer, does that still count? In any case, we cleaned out the animals’ shed, and helped pound … Continue reading

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