If you want trivial biographical information on me, I’m afraid you’re going to have to go Sherlock Holmes on the blog entries themselves – why should I make anything easy for you? 😉

But I would like to explain some things about how this blog is working so far: namely, anything that goes up at 0800 is scheduled in advance. Sometimes up to two weeks in advance! So those tend to be tl;dr entries sparked by something interesting I found on my RSS feed; things about which I’m opinionated. As you’ll see, I’m very opinionated about some things. I’ll never talk about other things, simply because I Don’t Care enough to even form an opinion on it; and I like to have quite a bit of information, ideally, before I go forming an opinion about something. Snap opinions are usually based on incomplete knowledge or misinformation, in my experience.

Since I realized I was ending up with a lot of really long, opinionated entries, I decided to modify my personal one-entry-a-day rule (a necessary precaution against my sine-wave obsessing habits, I assure you) to allow instant posting for shorter, lighter posts that don’t require hours of writing, researching, or proofing. Otherwise you might get the idea that I’m only opinionated all the time! I promise that in person I don’t always indulge in animated monologues, I try to keep that behavior canned up for when the people listening are interested in that kind of discussion. Sometimes I even succeed! 😉

And a note on some of my harsher opinions: I’m not writing for all conceivable audiences everywhere. It’s a good bet that when I go off on some behavior or other, the audience I have in mind consists of American East Coast Culture upper-middle-class individuals, particularly women. That’s the background I’m from, and who produces a lot of the news that I see; unless otherwise specifically stated, that’s also who I’m talking to. Let me put it this way: I’m a Twilight Sparkle talking to (and about) other Twilight Sparkles, Rarities, and Rainbow Dashes. If you’re a Fluttershy, I’m not talking to or about you unless I say so specifically.


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