Things are fairly busy right now – today I did a first coat of paint on my kitchen, a long-procrastinated project that turned out to be much less trouble than I had feared. Nor did I let waking up with a bit of dizziness stop me, although considering getting up behind the cabinets to edge along the ceiling required me to stand on a stepstool placed on top of the counters, I made sure to hold on to the cabinets very tightly! I should be done with painting and have everything back in order in the kitchen by Saturday.

Last night I discovered that the reason one shouldn’t cook in the evenings is that when the hot food comes out of the oven at bedtime, you have to stay up late to let it cool before you can safely put it in the refrigerator. Ooops. But I do have a delicious roast chicken to feed my husband for dinner while the kitchen is in semi-nonoperational mode and I’m playing Tetris with appliances, so it all worked out.

The snow was very pretty coming down today, but then of course I had to shovel the driveway and clean the freezing rain off the car so that it’s ready to go when I need it! There’s probably another two hours’ worth of neighborhood snow-shoveling I want to squeeze in around work and painting, and then if it gets warm on Saturday like they’re forecasting I’ll need to re-dig the snow canal to the storm drain so that the runoff from the entire street’s snowmelt doesn’t pool in my driveway after the snowplow fails to get anywhere close to the curb.

And in between all this I’m still reading the Hugo novels – but I don’t think I’m going to have time to type up blog entries on them before the 10th when nominations close. I’ll probably post about at least a couple of them afterwards.

I am getting some quality reading time while sequestered for hours in the allergist’s waiting room – I’ve just restarted allergy shots and apparently you can steamroller through the first couple of vials to get to maintenance faster, as long as you have about two and a half hours or so free during their own office hour times and the trees haven’t started pollinating yet!


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  1. Jenny says:

    readers make the best bloggers.

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