Clawing my way out of the holidays

This year has been a banner year for week-of-Christmas social activity – partly because one of my family members has to move out of a tiny shoebox apartment by tomorrow. Thank God for living near extended family – it took pretty much all of us working together to pack up all that stuff!

Now, of course, I’ve come down with allergic-to-stuff in reaction; but the problem is, I’ve been procrastinating a bunch of the tedious keep-the-household-running chores for the last week. Which means cleaning fish tanks, the kitchen, and finishing the laundry really needs to come before tackling the spare bedroom closet. And I have a couple of baking projects I want to tackle for belated holiday cooking, as well.

Part of my problem is that I’m naturally a pretty messy (aka LAZY) person. I leave things all over the place, even if it would be the work of mere moments to clean up behind myself. It’s kind of ironic, because sometime in my tweens I turned into what my sister called a “neat freak” (we shared a bedroom); but that’s not my default state. I tend to have a three-day (or so) cycle of “let things pile up and then tackle the pile” – which means my husband, contra the stereotypes, is a neater person than I am. Oooh, burn. I really need to fix that before we have kids or they’ll catch it from me!

I suppose technically “the holidays” aren’t over – but New Year’s wasn’t consistently a Big Deal in my family and J and I routinely stay up til two AM anyway (especially when we’re not being Responsible Adults), so if we wanted to mark a night as special we’d probably have to go to bed early! Hmm, that might make a pretty decent resolution: go to bed on time. LOL


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