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Snowflake Muslims

Often someone gets upset by anti-Muslim sentiment, they will trot out the “I know good Muslims who serve in the armed forces!” – which is nothing more than special snowflaking, Muslim edition. Yeah, well, despite the appeal to American patriotism, … Continue reading

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So apparently some Cloudcuckoolander from Vox got within visual range of reality and went back to the magical cloudland to tell the other leftists why conservatives won’t give up their guns after mass shootings. Unfortunately the leftist had no mental … Continue reading

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On Ferguson: Why Ferguson? Of course, black teenagers are shot to death on a daily basis in America, but because they are usually killed by other black teenagers, there is nothing in the death of a young hoodlum of interest … Continue reading

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Fashion and Concealed Carry

Well, I went and purchased a Ruger LCP (despite one salesman trying to convince me to buy a S&W Bodyguard instead) and while I haven’t yet fired it, I’m committed to training with it enough to overcome any inherent shortcomings of the … Continue reading

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Ethics of force

I’ve been reading Cornered Cat lately, and one of the questions for concealed carry is “Could You Really?” – as in, could you really use lethal force against another human being to protect yourself? Due to my upbringing and the … Continue reading

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Devil’s Advocate: it wasn’t gun control

Insty had a link to a Breitbart article: How Gun Control Made England The Most Violent Country In Europe. But I don’t think that’s the case; gun control removed the British subjects’ ability to prevent their country from becoming the most violent … Continue reading

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Guns! I’m gonna get one. Or two.

I had a great morning at an outdoor range today with my SIL, shooting Glock 19s. That little sneak has been practicing with a laser sight and snap caps at home, and it’s really made a huge difference – she … Continue reading

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