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Larry Correia is awesome

Even if he IS one of those weird Mormons. 😉 I’m definitely one of his readers who dislikes Twitter. I picked up an account to help out #GamerGate but I’m not terribly active – I haven’t figured out yet how … Continue reading

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Book Review: Monster Hunter International

So, I finally got around to purchasing and reading Monster Hunter International, which is all the Patriarchy’s fault. Truth: I skimmed past the detailed and loving descriptions of firearms, but for a series which sells on the gun-nut angle there was a … Continue reading

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Hugo novels: Warbound

First off, I’m not really sure why or how the complete Wheel of Time qualifies as a whole series when the Grimnoir Chronicles doesn’t – Warbound certainly reads like the last of a trilogy! The adventure is wrapped up in a grand … Continue reading

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Hugo novels, sidenote 2: Spellbound

I finished reading volume 2 of the Grimnoir Chronicles last night, and I definitely liked this one even better than the first! Perhaps I’m simply more invested in the characters after two novels; but I do feel that the Grimnoir … Continue reading

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The Universe is out to kill you

There is absolutely no way to make life completely safe. (Something is going to kill you, no matter what you do to avoid it, anyway!) That doesn’t mean we don’t have laws and police and prisons – though we can argue about … Continue reading

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Concern trolling smackdown

Larry Correia’s got part two of his fisking some poor Brit idiot who writes for the Guardian. (Somebody in a comment thread somewhere said that the Guardian is not actually a reputable journalistic source, which would explain the quality of … Continue reading

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Take your compassion and stuff it

Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent article about the context of Boko Haram’s kidnapping of all those schoolgirls, which they’ve raped and plan to sell as sex slaves, so they can spend the rest of their no-doubt short lives as … Continue reading

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