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1. To speculate in a philosophical manner.
2. To set forth or express a moralistic, often superficial philosophy.

PC is rape culture

It occurred to me today that one reason intersectional feminists never shut up about rape culture is that they do, in fact, live in a rape culture. Is there any group more politically correct than intersectional activism? And political correctness … Continue reading

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Upbringing matters

Fair warning, this post may get… rambly, since I’m running a bit of a sleep deficit. I blame new daughter C. Making new humans is hard, and she hasn’t even gotten big enough to start really kicking yet! However, I … Continue reading

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Oh, look, Laurie Penny is getting slammed again. I always love it when YouTube commentators shred her ideas in their videos. Seeing stupid feminist blather get eviscerated is so cathartic. My comment: the values that Laurie Penny hates – “marriage, … Continue reading

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Confirmation bias

When the philosophy known as “intersectionality” is taught to young people, they are inculcated into a religious dogma – that every vicissitude of life suffered by anyone not a normal, healthy white male is due to “oppression.” This leads to … Continue reading

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I’m darkly amused by some of the dismay over the Supreme Court’s decision to expand marriage licensing to homosexual couples. I mean, as Brad Torgerson said, heterosexual¬†couples have been treating marriage like garbage since before I was born. So what … Continue reading

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Sexual attraction, modesty, and clothing

I’m gonna get pedantic here and provide an “essay prompt” so to speak. But this is the internet, not the essay portion of the SAT,¬†so consider this however you like, as a playground at your disposal, food for thought, or … Continue reading

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Do you even reading comprehension, bro?

Oooookay. Y’know, blog wars can be interesting for spectators, so I hope the traffic stats are indicators of people receiving benefit from this. Because my husband has forbade me from deliberately trolling, and I do what he tells me, so … Continue reading

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