Larry Correia is awesome

Even if he IS one of those weird Mormons. 😉

I’m definitely one of his readers who dislikes Twitter. I picked up an account to help out #GamerGate but I’m not terribly active – I haven’t figured out yet how to pick out the awesomesauce stuff out of whatever happens to be most recent. (Maybe that’s not how Twitter works but dangit I have enough trouble with addiction-to-internet: I don’t need ANOTHER website sucking my brain out!)

Here’s the parts I liked most:

Yeah, when working with cartel hitmen I’m always shocked by how regularly they attend bible study.

My religion is awesome. No matter how stupid you are it would still condemn me for killing you.

This, most definitely this. Anytime some atheist tells you that religion exists to give people an excuse for doing what they wanted to do anyway, laugh at them. Because without my religion, I would probably be plotting to kill people and secretly dispose of the bodies on a regular basis. (“Christian” is synonymous with “someone who knows she’s not a good person” when used appropriately. It’s like the joke that goes, “Where do you go to find a lot of sinners? Church!”)

If I convert to Islam, will you defend my right to saw your annoying head off?

My religion also prevents me from converting to Islam in order to kill people who annoy me. Drat.

However, this does mean that morons on Twitter are in no danger whatsoever from Christians, even if they insult our religion – especially considering Christianity specifically says to not retaliate when other people purposefully try to humiliate you, and even go above and beyond “not retaliating” to helping them out if they need food or shelter. (Of course, there’s the whole “do good rather than respond with evil and thereby heap burning coals upon your enemy’s head” thing too. So, uh, God knows really well how terrible we humans are at being selflessly forgiving saints.)


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