Book Review: Monster Hunter International

So, I finally got around to purchasing and reading Monster Hunter International, which is all the Patriarchy’s fault.

Truth: I skimmed past the detailed and loving descriptions of firearms, but for a series which sells on the gun-nut angle there was a lot less of that than I was expecting.

Plot: Save The World from Armageddon. Well done and quite entertaining, although the “plot twist” at the end was pretty much glaringly obvious to anyone except the main character.

Characters: well-rounded and diverse enough to satisfy a Hollywood casting department, probably. Except for the lack of stereotypical muah-ha-ha cardboard villain. I mean, he’s basically that, only actually characterized, if that makes any sense. However, getting a chance to see things from his perspective doesn’t make him any less evil.

A satisfying story with a lot of humor. And a lot of undead things getting killed messily. Don’t read this book during mealtimes if you have an overactive imagination or a queasy stomach! There’s more in the series but this first novel does stand alone quite well, which means I can resist the urge to buy the sequels myself and instead put them on the Christmas list.


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