Blog Rules and Standards of Conduct

  • Irritate me enough for any reason and I reserve the right to ban you, either from a topic or from the blog entirely. You may appeal, but posting here in my parlor is a privilege, not a right.
  • You are welcome to disagree with me for any reason whatsoever. Persuasive arguments are encouraged.
  • Honest critique is acceptable and desired, especially if you avoid manipulative behavior or naked assertion. Logic is required. You’re allowed to call me names as long as I’m sufficiently amused by your wit.
  • Social Justice Warrior behavior of any stripe will not be tolerated here. Motte and Bailey arguments will be nuked from orbit, just to be sure.
  • My blog does not exist to give you or anyone else emotional validation for doing what is right. But if you really want me to give you some extra special personal validation, just ask.
  • If you are offended by something said on this blog by myself or a commenter, you are welcome to say so and leave; to say so and explain why; to say so and argue for why you’re right and the others are wrong. Do not attempt to tone-police. [See: SJW rule]
  • I sometimes write extremely long, pedantically tedious posts because I like them. If you want to play Grammar, Usage & Style Editor with me, go ahead! If you read a post and you have no idea what the point is because it resembles nothing so much as some kind of stream-of-warped-consciousness word-salad ramble, you are welcome to say so.
  • When in doubt as to what I mean, assume that I am using the dictionary definition of any words, slang terms, or idioms, and Google them to make sure you are using them the same way. Alternatively, you could either ask me if you’re understanding my position correctly, or tell me I’m being tediously incomprehensible (again).
  • You will be disappointed if you invent your own definitions for words and then expect me to give your definitions the respect you think they deserve. Dictionaries exist. Use them. [See: SJW rule]
  • If I say something patently ridiculous, it’s probably a joke, especially if it’s something a man-hating lesbian radical feminist [but I repeat myself] would say seriously.

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