Take your compassion and stuff it

Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent article about the context of Boko Haram’s kidnapping of all those schoolgirls, which they’ve raped and plan to sell as sex slaves, so they can spend the rest of their no-doubt short lives as sex slaves being repeatedly raped. (However, since this is being done by Diverse People of Color instead of Republicans, it’s not part of the “War on Women.”) Now, most times, these endless “awareness” campaigns just irritate me. Your Facebook “support dove” for cancer doesn’t do anything productive towards saving anybody’s life, and frankly I find it insultingly patronizing. How about you do something nice to help out somebody who HAS cancer, instead? The First Lady taking a pouty selfie with a #BringBackOurGirls poster doesn’t do jack shit for those raped and enslaved girls, either. I mean, she could at least ask her husband to send some drones to kill some terrorists, but noooooooo, pouty selfie time for Mrs. Obama.

Larry Correia also pours scorn on the “compassionate” hashtaggers. He’s got an actual, useful solution, though, because he’s not a useless poseur. “But if your selective outrage is really up in arms about this one, movie stars with the hash tag, I’ve got a simple solution for you. Take some of your millions of dollars and hire some mercenaries to go into Africa to shoot all the members of Boko Haram. I wonder how that would trend on Twitter. #gurkhaskillscumbags”

Of course, that would probably actually work, but we’d be left with the idiotic poseurs looking for a new Twitter hashtag cause to use to show everyone what Good, Aware people they are. So in addition to the mercenaries, I think we need to draft everyone who posted a picture of themselves holding a hashtag poster about this issue, and send them to Africa along with the mercenaries! If we’re lucky, the ones who survive will have learned valuable lessons about the utility of fake compassion for people they’ll never, ever meet as opposed to overwhelming military power projected into backwards, barbarian countries filled with savages. And they’ll have checked their First World Privilege, too! Win/win!


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