Terror in Paris

To no one’s surprise, Islamic terrorists have orchestrated a mass attack in Europe. Initial reports are likely to be less than completely accurate, so it will be unknown for some time whether this tragedy was home-grown or facilitated by the migration crisis. It is certainly fanning the controversy into flame, though – literally, if reports of fire at the Calais refugee center are true. (I hope it is coincidence – and not another prong of an attack meant to turn people against each other. If Europeans decide they don’t want any more migrants in their countries, I’m not hopeful about the migrants’ chances of survival.)

What is sure is that the Paris attack represents the critical failure of the French government to protect its citizens. And in failing to effectively combat Islamic terror, the governments of Europe are also failing the refugees they invited in as guests. People who have fled Islamist violence in their native countries cannot gain freedom from violence if their tormentors are permitted to set up shop wherever the victims flee! You cannot help the real refugees if you are unable to keep predators and opportunists from hiding among them.

Nor is inviting those with the resources and freedom for international travel truly enough. Throwing open the gates of Europe to economic migrants does nothing to save the sex slaves in ISIS’ hands, or the children being murdered in the Middle East.



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