The slippery slope of pedo-sympathy

Apparently Salon is busily continuing their successful efforts to undermine the moral principles of Western Civ, so what else is new? (Have a Brietbart link. Worth reading.)

We should not be sympathetic towards pedophiles. At. All.

Why? Because last time we tried being sympathetic towards a “sexual orientation,” what happened? Activists who started out with “closets are bad” ended up trying to lock other people into them! And what was the weapon they used? Sympathy. Oh, feel bad for the poor homosexuals, they have life so hard because society doesn’t approve of their behavior, boohoo. Now you can’t be religious and run your own business, unless your coreligionists have a habit of throwing homosexuals off the roofs of tall buildings in the Middle East. (Then nobody bothers you.)

Of course, there’s no inherent reason why someone who’s exclusively attracted to the same sex shouldn’t be given a bit of sympathy for their deviation from the norm, since at least heterosexuals have the option of a socially approved outlet for their own sexual desires. But, of course, the requirement that people restrain their sexual impulses is not unique to anyone – and there are plenty of heterosexual people who are deeply frustrated by their inability to get what they want (since it involves other people having veto power). Just ask the users of Ashley Madison and the authors of every “Where have all the good guys gone?” women’s magazine article.

While in theory sympathy isn’t necessarily grease on the edge of a cliff, experience teaches us that practice is different than theory. Taking pedophilia off the list of “if anyone finds out you swing that way, your life is ruined” and moving it to “oh, it’s just one of many mental illnesses” is exactly the same path homosexual activists used to put themselves in a position to go around ruining people’s lives over the acquisition of artistically sugar-crusted baked goods. Do you really want to end up living in a world where not wanting a pedophile to babysit your children makes you the target of a mob of angry people on Twitter calling you a bigot, harassing your friends, family, and employer, and making death threats?

Because that’s what happened last time.

Instead, I suggest that pedophiles carefully close and lock the closet door with themselves on the inside. Closets are the ultimate in safe spaces, after all. Mental illness, despite what Tumblr and the Victimhood Olympics would have you believe, is a medical condition, and medical conditions should be kept PRIVATE. As in, only your doctor and your closest confidantes have any business knowing about it. If you have decided to spend your entire life refusing to indulge unacceptable sexual inclinations, there’s no reason to shout it from the rooftops. People don’t go around proclaiming how virtuous they are that they’ve decided not to murder anyone despite their anger management problems, now do they?

Imagine what would happen if a man came out and said “I’m only sexually attracted to women who don’t want to have sex with me: I’m sexually oriented to rape. But rape is bad so I will never indulge myself.” Are you going to see paeans to that guy, celebrating his self-restraint? Uh, no. All it takes to show how ridiculous pedo-sympathy is – is to replace the sanitized word “pedophile” with the name for the desired action: raping children. Sympathy for someone who refrains from committing rape? I don’t think so. Not raping other people – at least in Western Civ – is called “basic human decency.” Just like not bludgeoning people to death doesn’t make you admirable. Even if you really, really want to. Not even if you’re sexually attracted to bludgeoning people to death.

If you want to convince people you’re a good person who should be admired, you should probably actually do good, not go around talking about how you aren’t doing evil. And if you have a therapy group to deal with whatever problems you happen to have, that’s fine. Just keep it in the closet where it belongs. Normal people don’t feel the need to attention-whore with “Oh hey, I want to commit adultery, but I refuse to cheat on my spouse! Have sympathy for me, it’s so tough to be faithful.” Pedophiles likewise should avoid going around proclaiming how they absolutely refuse to rape children even though they would really like to. It’s nobody else’s business, after all.


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4 Responses to The slippery slope of pedo-sympathy

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  2. Foxfier says:

    Amazing how all the things that are totally, entirely, in no way shape or form similar to homosexuality are following along, innit?

  3. Mental illness, despite what Tumblr and the Victimhood Olympics would have you believe, is a medical condition, and medical conditions should be kept PRIVATE. As in, only your doctor and your closest confidantes have any business knowing about it.

    Well in theory, but now we got government involved! So you, your doctor, your closest confidantes, your local bureaucrat, a couple of your representatives…

    Hmm… if medical records are becoming public knowledge… maybe some in the establishments are trying to get ahead of something…

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