What shall we do with evil?

A place to link articles about the latest killing spree committed by a murderer in a gun-free zone.

To The Media (via The Other McCain -who aptly describes the author of the piece as a “Death Porn Media Victim“)

Danger Boy (via Althouse, whose commentariat is usually worth reading)


A French Perspective

My own perspective is this: whenever something like this happens, it is primarily a concern of the local community. The Other McCain is right – the media that takes tragedies like this one, where a disturbed young man goes postal and chooses to gun down defenseless victims, has the character of a particularly ghoulish vampire. Instead of talking about the plight of the insane and their families – it’s very difficult to institutionalize someone against their will, but some people are Batshit Crazy and need to be locked up BEFORE they commit the crimes they’ve been credibly threatening to commit after going off their medication for the hundredth time – the media focuses instead on the blood, the shocked and grieving survivors. They shove cameras into the faces of children and engage in half-cocked social media “sleuthing” – reliably incriminating innocent people unlucky enough to share a murderer’s name before “Ooops! That wasn’t him after all!”

I have one thing to say to people right now: if you are watching their coverage, you are why these heartless vampires are shoving their cameras and microphones into the faces of traumatized families and children. Shut up about your emotional response and pray in silence; let this community heal out of the spotlight of national media buffoons. The only reason these “news” organizations are behaving so abominably is because they know YOU WANT TO SEE IT. Such tragedies could be covered responsibly and soberly. They aren’t, because sensationalism is what their audience likes.



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