Fight the good fight!

For anyone interested today Jan 31st (sorry, I find the concept of “linear time” difficult to grasp) is the last day to register for your shot at giving radical intersectional feminists chronic rage-induced stress with the Hugo Award nominations process. (Don’t worry, if you miss the nominations, you will still be able to register to vote for the award itself, and get in on nominations next year.)

Consider this my very late (mea culpa!!) GOTV effort for Sad Puppies 3.

Doooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. The Evil League of Evil (a subsidiary of The Patriarchy™) needs your help to bring justice and swashbuckling space heroes and beautiful space princesses back from the brink of extinction!

If you don’t, Twilight Sparkle won’t have anything good to read, and this makes her sad, too. It’s not just the puppies’ happiness at stake! Go forth!

Credit: thatguy1945 on deviantart. Ganked off of google image search.


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