Only a moral people can be free

Only people capable of self-control can be granted freedom – and have it stick.

When freedom is given to people lacking self control, they invariably misuse it. Then, those offended by their wrongdoing call out for outside control of these out-of-control persons. How can people be controlled if they will not do it themselves? The government will control them. By force.

Here is an illustration: disgusted with the media’s blood-sucking, callous, cruel, insensitive, and irresponsible coverage of the latest tragedy, Matt K. Lewis calls for “some common sense media control.”

The only way for a society to be free from government control is for its members to govern themselves. When parts of society refuse to govern themselves, then the government steps in: in individual cases this can be seen in criminal prosecutions. The individual has failed to govern himself appropriately, therefore the government will now control him, for however long his sentence is (and indirectly for the rest of his life, through his criminal record). Here is a case where the media has refused to govern themselves; thus the cry “somebody should do something!” – meaning, the government should take away some of the freedom the media has misused.

Remember that whenever someone is crying out “Something should be done!” what they mean is that the government needs to take away freedom from some other party, so that whatever the offensive act was, it will not be repeated.


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