“Laws are for the little people”

Insty links to the decision of DC’s prosecutors to let a criminal get away with flagrantly violating gun law – on national TV!

Because the criminal in question is a “reporter” for the mainstream media. And don’t believe any excuses about how it’s obvious the criminal “reporter” didn’t intend to commit any “real” crimes – the DC prosecutors have previously gone after other, equally inoffensive individuals for doing less than brandishing on TV – one instance where the empty magazine was LOCKED IN A SAFE IN A CAR’S TRUNK and they still charged him for the crime of “possession.” So there you have it: if you’re Joe Schmoe, you can and will be charged for transporting an unloaded “high-capacity” magazine in a locked safe in the back of your car, but if you’re a TV personality you can brandish one in front of an audience of millions – after having been specifically told that such action would break the law – and get away with it scott-free.

Like I said before. Democracy + corrupt media = tyrrany.

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