Movie Review: In Time

In a near-future world where everyone is genetically engineered to stop aging at 25, “time” is the new currency…. and you can save your time by not watching this “sci-fi” movie.

Sci-fi is when somebody thinks up something new and/or weird, and goes, “Now how would this change society?” The filmmakers bravely decided to go with “What if everyone is genetically engineered to die after their 25th birthday instantly if their wallet timer reaches zero?” and then totally fail to think this through at all.

They also apparently have zero understanding of human kindness (it apparently doesn’t exist in Ye Futuristic Ghetto, except of course in the main character), economic principles (who the hell is “printing” the time?? This near-future society uses “time” as currency, and it has to be transferred by skin contact only? Goodbye, international business! Kiss PayPal, credit cards, etc. goodbye, it’s all cold, hard, in-person cash now… oh, and “time” can be transferred while you’re unconscious and without your consent… unless you’re younger than 25, in which case the “year” you’re born with is untouchable), and imagination – in a society where everyone is genetically engineered with a glowing countdown on their arm, they have to go with price inflation as population control? Not engineering people to be sterile, for instance? You don’t even need fancy bio-luminescent clocks for that one. And since you can apparently manipulate a sleeping person’s time, and the Poor Oppressed Ghetto folks are apparently so inhuman as to not spare a minute for someone about to die… why are they not routinely knocking each other out in back alleys or breaking into each other’s houses to steal time? You really expect people who are willing to watch their neighbors die in front of them to not be equally willing to hasten that day along to prolong their own lives?

Yeah, that concept, in actual thinking people’s minds, might be interesting. In your typical Hollywood Liberal’s mind, it turns into… this kind of “sci-fi” abomination. Dude, even freaking Godzilla was a better movie!

Verdict: sent back to Netflix unfinished due to producer + writer stupidity.


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