Misogyny has increased because of this

Teach magazines not to lie about rape?

If the editors at Rolling Stone had had a shred of professionalism (hah!), they would have made sure to see corroborating evidence for the obviously faked story before publishing it.

If the author had had a shred of professional pride, she would have checked to make sure she wasn’t being taken in by a psycho conwoman before submitting it. But she didn’t, because she’s a feminist and she was shopping around for a frat party rape story because she belieeeeeeeves! fraternities are hotbeds of rape-and-misogyny.

Congratulations. My default response to a sensational tale of rape in the media is now set at “Listen and believe she’s lying.” Is that what you meant to accomplish in 2014, feminism?

A woman who is quite possibly mentally disturbed tells a fabricated story to a feminist “journalist” at a publication that does zero fact-checking, and as a consequence the feminist president of the college suspended ALL fraternities’ social activities. The fraternity in question was vandalized and its members persecuted by the campus community as if they were all rapists. All because of a lie. But that was just an excuse to expose the truth about feminists: they are ugly, disgusting, despicable, sexist bigots.*

They’re also racist. When was the last time you saw one of these wealthy white feminists daring to say a word against Islam for its adherents’ treatment of “women of color”? They’d rather the women of color shut up about that, actually. Honoring an actual activist for women who dares to talk about that gives them the feelbads. Meanwhile Boko Haram is busily slaughtering hundreds if not thousands, and who knows how many women and girls have been brutalized, raped, and sold into sex slavery by now.

Feminists prefer to talk about the rapes they imagine happening at prestigious First World universities, instead of the ones actually happening right now in un-glamorous places like Rotherham or Nigeria.

Ugh. The behavior of everyone involved in that RS/UVA SNAFU just disgusts me.

*If you’re none of the above, why are you calling yourself a feminist? Ignorance, stupidity, or to make SJWs heads explode when you actually promote facts and equal rights instead of lies and hate? One of the first two is curable. And if you’re the third…. well, you’re probably not offended at an accurate description of feminism as it exists today.


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