Oh, look, Laurie Penny is getting slammed again. I always love it when YouTube commentators shred her ideas in their videos. Seeing stupid feminist blather get eviscerated is so cathartic.

My comment: the values that Laurie Penny hates – “marriage, monogamy, responsibility, deferred gratification, personal territory, etc.” – well, what’s another name for that list?

“How privilege is made.”

Note that being born white or male does not appear anywhere in the recipe.


Speaking of feminist idiocy, RSM has made some pointed observations about the Wisconsin state university system. All I gotta say there is, I need feminism because it’s really convenient when the damaged psycho bitches publicly self-identify like that. Makes it much easier to avoid them, kind of like Tumblrinas dying their hair neon colors. “Warning: I’m poisonous! Stay away from me!”


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