The Line between Romance and Stupidity

There is a line, and this man has crossed it and gone so far past it that he’s about to cross it again.

Dude, if you don’t know anything about her, she could be married already for all you know!

This is what Game experts call a terminal case of “oneitis” – and it is not sexually attractive. If the woman in question reads the article, and remembers giving some Canadian tourist directions (out of how many tourists?), she might come forward just for the media attention – and she’ll no doubt be tremendously flattered by this hopeless nerd’s quest – but interested in this guy? Only if she’s desperate enough to settle for a creepy idealist who’s fallen in love with some imaginary girl who lives in his head who happens to be based on her. If she’s smart, and finds out, she’ll give no indication whatsoever that the sought-after woman is herself and just go on with her life.

Someone point this guy to Athol Kay’s website, pronto!


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