PC is rape culture

It occurred to me today that one reason intersectional feminists never shut up about rape culture is that they do, in fact, live in a rape culture. Is there any group more politically correct than intersectional activism? And political correctness serves one purpose, and one purpose only – to cloak wolves in sheepskins so that they may prey freely on their victims. Wherever you find political correctness, you will inevitably find a vile cesspit of corruption and hideous criminality that no one is willing to confront.

This is why those who claim that enacting policies ending sex segregation in bathrooms and locker rooms for the “transgendered” (in actuality, anyone who says the magic incantation “I identify as something I’m obviously not,” since competent trans individuals aren’t distinguishable from regular people.) will not result in any uptick in crime are naive, ignorant fools. They say, “Assault is already illegal, a criminal won’t be deterred by a sign on door!” Well, if assault is illegal, no transvestites need a special law to “protect” them while using the facility designated for their physical plumbing. But the fact of the matter is that individuals who can claim membership in a PC-protected class can and have taken advantage of that protection to victimize those lacking “protected class” privileges. Over and over again. With the collusion of the authorities.

People died in the Fort Hood terrorist shooting because political correctness made the authorities look the other way. People died in the San Bernardino terrorist attack because political correctness made the neighbors look the other way. (And the media is careful to push stories of how people who “saw something” and “said something” are ignorant racists, using social pressure to ensure that the next time someone notices something, they’ll prefer to keep quiet.)

Rotherham made a pretty big splash in the conservative media – authorities looking the other way while gangs groomed and raped over a thousand children. That was illegal, but if the authorities are too cowed by political correctness to enforce the law, then the law only matters when the cops aren’t afraid of being called out by the commissars of political correctness.

We’ve had quite a few events over the last year or so in which the nation’s police forces have been schooled very thoroughly in the negative consequences of crossing political correctness when it comes to race. They’ve been responding as desired, by decreasing their enforcement of the rule of law. And the naifs think the LAW will protect children from perverts, in a community held hostage by political correctness?

Sure. Like the law protects feminists from the predators masquerading as “feminist men” in order to gain greater access to victims. Like the law protected the girls of Rotherham. A decade or two late, and who knows how many dead later, oh sure, everyone will be deeply saddened and horrified… but every day the same things will keep happening, because those who see something won’t say anything. Because saying something in a culture ruled by PC doesn’t stop the perpetrators, but it does get you targeted as a bigot – by the criminals, the useful idiots, AND the authorities. And thus the predators are emboldened to take ever more blatant action, while resentment and anger are bottled up in the pressure cooker of “You can’t say that!”

If you’d like to destroy civil society and the rule of law, there’s nothing better than metastasizing political correctness.


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