Feminism in 2016

Feminists care so deeply about rape that they will make up horrific stories about gang rape on university campuses. Such as the UVA hoax, perpetrated by liar Jackie Coakley and her enabler, feminist Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

Oh wait, no, they don’t actually care about rape at all, because when nearly 2,000 women are sexually assaulted and young children are raped, they crack jokes about it.

What’s the difference? Well, notice that the fake rapes trumpeted from rooftops by feminists tend to involve white males, and the real rapes that feminists won’t talk about are committed by non-white males. (If they do dare to mention those rapes, they will invariably blame society – or the victims – and excuse the rapists.)

Which leads to the only possible conclusion: intersectional feminism only cares about rape when it’s committed by white males. Which is racist. And remarkably unhelpful when it comes to protecting women and children from the majority of rapists on the planet, who don’t come from Western cultures and who definitely don’t attend prestigious institutions of higher education in America.

Remember Rotherham. Every authority in town looked the other way while Pakistani gangs assaulted and raped 1400 white girls for YEARS, because they were afraid of being called racist. Feminists DO NOT CARE about rape. If they cared about rape, they would be willing to be called “racist” if it meant tackling the actual systemic sexism and rape culture found in some nonwestern cultures and being imported into the First World through mass immigration.

Just another reason to despise feminism. There are two kinds of feminist in 2016: idiot feminists who are ignorant of the true face of feminism, and evil feminists, who deliberately identify themselves with a racist, sexist ideology that promotes hate while using real, vulnerable women as tools to advance their political agenda.


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