Up until this election cycle, I always wondered why blacks so monolithically vote Democrat, even though (to paraphrase Glenn Reynolds) any institution run by the left is a hotbed of corruption, exploitation, and discrimination.

I think I’ve made the connection, however. It’s tied into tribal identity. “I’m a Democrat.” “I’m a Republican.” “I’m a _____.” These are not reasoned positions for the vast majority of ALL population groups, and mere logic is not going to break identity.

The evidence which illuminated this for me is the hysterics among conservatives over Donald Trump’s success in running for the Republican Presidential nomination. The conservatives are pointing out that he’s not a conservative (true), claiming that he’s a hardcore Democrat (I think this is playing semantic games), and – here’s the kicker – claiming that electing this non-conservative fake Republican will forever tarnish the conservative brand.

Why would that be the outcome, if Trump isn’t conservative? I suspect he could still win the general election even if every dyed-in-the-wool conservative voter stayed home and sat on their hands – just due to his appeal to other voters who don’t vote for conservative candidates.

Because conservatives monolithically vote Republican, and identify themselves so strongly with the Republican party, this reaction showed me that they are trapped on the Republican plantation. Just like black voters reliably vote for politicians that pander to their issues and then turn around and rule for their own benefit while shafting their loyal base, Republican politicians do the EXACT. SAME. THING. to their conservative base. But the repeated betrayals don’t stop people from continuing to identify with their political identities. The conservatives concerned about Trump tarnishing their brand are so welded to the Republican party that the obvious solution – to loudly and publicly secede from the Republican establishment – never occurs to them. They’d rather be cuckolded over and over than face the truth of their cheating political partner’s behavior.

Every election, conservatives try to get the most conservative candidate the Republican Party nomination, fail miserably, and then go around shilling for the moderate “electable” Republican establishment candidate. Conservatives, come on. Please find the courage within yourselves to end your pathetic co-dependent relationship with your abusive political party, ‘kay?


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