The Left believes in closets

Those who don’t pay attention might think that the amorphous group of people on “the left” are not in favor of closets – thanks to their pro-homosexual and/or pro-transsexual stances. (If you can pass as a member of the other sex, there is zero reason to have a special law allowing you to use the wrong bathroom, because nobody will notice you’re out of place. So the point of trans activism, like the point of gay activism, is the opposite of closeting – it’s to shove your personal peccadilloes into everyone else’s face.)

However, like with pretty much every single thing the left “believes,” there’s no “there” there – no underlying cosmic principle that applies equally to everyone. There’s only power, and the raw expression thereof.

Thus Twitter’s recent behavior: unverifying, shadowbanning, and outright suspending non-leftist accounts for thought crime.

Pedants and assorted idiots like to screech about Twitter being a private company that can do what it wants. Well, sure. And Islamic countries in the Middle East are sovereign nations that can execute homosexuals and rape victims if they want to, as well. Just because something’s legal doesn’t make it right.

This is why a leftist will celebrate homosexuals parading down main street in porn outfits, while simultaneously attempting to punish – by whatever means necessary, public or private – any expression of non-leftist values.

It’s not about the principle. It’s about power. Closeting is fine – just as long as it’s a bunch of leftists who get to choose who gets locked in.


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