Christian Contempt

I found the latest post by Dalrock (read the whole thing!) to be inspiring enough to break my pregnancy-induced silence to give some advice to Christian wives.

Be incredibly wary of so-called “Christian leaders” who criticize married men. No matter how “traditional” or “fundamentalist” they seem otherwise.

A man who is truly righteous will not speak against husbands in public, but rather he will encourage wives to submit to their own husbands as the Bible teaches. NOT to himself.


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3 Responses to Christian Contempt

  1. Foxfier says:

    He lost me here:

    It isn’t just that the law and the courts stand forever ready to reward your wife with cash and prizes if she decides to destroy your family.

    I know way too many women who most assuredly did not get cash and prizes, generally because they did not try to absolutely remove the father from the lives of their children.

    For that sin, not only do they have to deal with all the fall out (including, in several cases, fathers who did try to remove them from the lives of the children) but they have to deal with folks who assume they must be really, really horrible, because “everyone knows” that’s the only way a woman won’t get absolutely everything she wants out of a divorce.

    Doesn’t help that he apparently believes the 50%-of-marriages-fail myth, and is rather lacking in pointing to examples that build up the kind of man he thinks should be promoted. I can do it in a split second– Hawkeye in Age of Ultron. (Strong, attractive, skilled, emotionally stable even in extreme situations, awesome without having to be flashy….)

    • pancakeloach says:

      Dalrock’s blog is the appropriate place to issue your criticisms, all of which are entirely off-topic and irrelevant to the point of this post. I’m sure the community there would be happy to discuss divorce statistics and family court failings with you.

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