Tolerance, stereotypes, and hypocrisy

In my Facebook feed, I have seen precisely zero people saying that the US should leave refugees to die. I have seen quite a few people claiming that anyone who disagrees with them about refugees is a heartless bastard who wants children to die.

I have seen zero memes bashing Muslims as terrorists. I’ve seen dozens of memes bashing Christians for not being caring enough, posted by individuals who pat themselves on the back for being multicultural and tolerant, caring people.

Funny how the “tolerant” liberals in my newsfeed are constantly defending moderate Muslims, and then turning around and proudly defecating all over followers of a different religion.

SJWs always lie. SJWs always project.


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2 Responses to Tolerance, stereotypes, and hypocrisy

  1. “Remember the Crusades!!! 1000 years ago but Christian you must feel guilty!!!”

    “Islamic terror? No such thing, no such thing, no such thing. You’re a heartless bastard.”

    • pancakeloach says:

      Ah yes, the good old moral equivalence fallacy. The FB threads I’ve participated in have steered clear of that so far, but the obvious answer is as follows: “If Christians today are responsible for war crimes committed by their ancestors, then Muslims today are far more responsible for the terrorists who kill in the name of Islam. Modern Christians can’t go back into the past and stop the Crusades from happening, but moderate Muslims could stop jihad in its tracks if they wanted to. Just like Christians stopped persecuting others over religious differences. Instead most Muslims go along to get along or run away. If evil triumphs when good men do nothing, are those men who do nothing in the face of evil really good, or are they enablers?”

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