Short post about something that’s been bugging me. In 2005, CollegeBoard removed analogies from the SAT. (Next year, they’ll be dumbing the test down even further as the logical reasoning and vocabulary skills of college-bound high school graduates continue to erode.)

This leads to the travesty of pro-immigration lefties claiming that failure to bring in that .07% of Syrian refugees is going to be JUST LIKE failing to grant refuge from Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. *cue guilt trip*

Oh, and apparently applying a religious test to refugees is “un-American” even though it’s literally written into the law.

The appropriate analogy – for people with actual functioning brains – is as follows: Obama would like America to take in those poor Moderate German Aryans who just aren’t Nazi enough for the SS. Meanwhile, we can’t prioritize Jewish refugees who are in danger of being shoveled into ovens because that would be a religious test. 

And totally racist too. I mean, what’s wrong with moderate white supremacists, you haters? Don’t you know that white supremacy has nothing to to with radical Nazis mass murdering Jews? White supremacists are good people just like everyone else! /s

I don’t like the epithet “libtard” but sometimes it’s just so apt.


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